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Not enough engineers stay in Florida

Florida produces more engineers than most states, yet loses them every year. Tech companies, startups, and the state economy all suffer because of the shortage of developers. Our team is working to build an ecosystem of engineering talent to support engineers and our business community long into the future.

Veterans are transitioning to under employment

After spending years working to help veterans, we realized that most were leaving the US Military and transitioning into un or under employment. The Civilian Sector simply under values a Service Member's skill set, so our team is working with the military to give them a few more for their success.

CHANGED MY LIFE How our Founder changed his life through code

Few Opportunities

Having served 15 years in the US Marine Corps our founder learned the hard way that there are very few opportunities for transitioning veterans. I learned very quickly how little private companies wanted military skills. Who would have thought commanding hundreds of Marines and leading them into battle would have little to no practical application in the Civilian World?

From Marine to Engineer

Initially I wasn't interested in engineering. I had started programming back in High School when it wasn't cool to be an engineer, but oh have things changed. Today the Technology Community is the strongest and most aggressive industry in America. If you are not engineering or learning how to code, you are just wrong. Once I dove back into it, I developed a voracious apetite for programming, the community, and culture. I continued building coveted skills that I could use on any civilian battlefield and soon couldn't stop.

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