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What is Code Gym?

Code Gym is a training facility for great engineers. We run evening training sessions every 2 weeks. Check out our schedule here. Our courses are taught by industry experts and cover major engineering topics for different experience levels. We are building an ecosystem to sustain and maintain talented engineers in South Florida.

How does this Program work?

We offer an extreme 10 week training program for Newbies wanting to break into professional engineering. The Program covers 5 courses in each of our core tracks: User Interface, DevOps, Data Stores, Programming, and Frameworks. With almost 600 hours of instruction and hands on coding, you will go through the full stack of web development from product concept to launch. You will learn to work in teams, pair program, use agile methodoligies, and much more.

What is Orientation?

Every Thursday before a Training Program or Session begins we hold an open Orientation for incoming students. You need to bring your MacBook, final payments, Drivers License, and enthusiasm. We will review the program, answer any questions, setup your coding environment, and get you mentally ready to begin on Monday.

You said something about Prep Work?

Yes. Everyone should be prepping before they start a training session. We will distribute online course materials that should be covered when you are not sleeping. We ask everyone to complete before they come to Orientation. It shouldn't take you more than 20 hours.

Do I need to have my own computer?

Yes. You need to bring your own Apple MacBook to the Gym. You can purchase one from Apple refurbished or find a used one on craigslist.

Will I have something to show employers?

Yes, your code. Code Gym is not here to hand out certificates and pats on the back. We focus on what you can do. As an engineer, your skills and coding ability will always determine your value.

Do you help me find a job?

Yes. Most of our instructors are working in companies that are actively hiring, so come to class ready to impress. We have a lot of connections throughout the engineering and business community. When we feel that you are ready for your next challenge, we will set you up with interviews.

Can I work during The Program?

Yes, but you are expected to be able to handle the work load during each session. If you are not a working engineer then you need to be coding 9am - 5pm daily. For Newbies, we highly encourage you to focus only on your training for the 10 weeks.

Where are the Training Gyms?

Downtown Delray Beach. We are based out of Palm Beach County's amazing Delray Beach.

What's the next step?

You can either apply here or say


How do I apply?

You apply here or you can contact us and we'll go through the application with you.

Who's an ideal applicant?

We look for smart, talented, hard working individuals, who have a passion to learn coding. We want to know you have the dedication and passion to perserve in our gym.

Do I have to have a college degree or be a certain age to apply?

No. We've seen talented programmers from all backgrounds and age groups. We have no minimum or maximum age or education requirements to apply.

How do I know whether I've been accepted to Code Gym?

You will receive a phone call and an email confirming your acceptance.

What happens after I am accepted?

You will receive a phone call from a member of Code Gym. We will go over some of the required prepatory work, schedule you for orientation, and go over other ground guidelines before your begin.

Is there an admissions deadline?

Yes. Training Programs close when a class is full. We have a rolling admissions process, so apply early and secure your seat.


How much does Code Gym Cost?

An extreme 10 week training program costs $10,000. With about 600 hours of hands on instruction this works out to less than $20/hr. If you are taking an individual 2 week training session, they cost $2,000.

Do you require a deposit?

If you want to secure your seat to a training session, then please deposit $250. We keep class sizes really small, which means they fill up fast. The best way to secure your seat is to make a deposit or pay your tuition in full.

When do I need to pay for my training session?

Tuition costs are due in full before Orientation begins. We find it best to get this out of the way, because come the first Monday of training we need you mentally focused on coding not figuring out your finances.

How can I pay for my Program Costs?

The choice is yours! We accept any type of credit card or check. Simply call or email us and we'll have someone work it out with you.

Do you offer a payment plan?

No not at this time, but if we have a lot of requests for this option we will try to accomodate.

Do you offer financing?

No. We currently don't, but here are some creative ways to raise the money.
1. A small loan from a local credit union.
2. Credit Cards
3. LendingClub
4. Prosper
5. Upstart

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes! We offer three (3) scholarships in memory of the Marines who fought and died by oursides. The scholarships are the Douglas "Lion of Fallujah" Zembiec Award, the Ray "Achilles" Mendoza Award, and the Luke "Wild Bill" Parker Scholarship. If you are interested in applying for any of these scholarships or would like to know more please contact us.

Do you offer Veteran Benefits?

Yes! If you served on Active Duty in the US Military and have recently transitioned, we offer a $1,000 discount towards any 5 course series. Simply contact us at (561) 941-5496 to begin the process and we will get you setup.

Can I use the GI Bill?

Not yet, but we are looking into it!