6 Pillars of Victory

Full Time Program

Code Gym requires total committment and total immersion. We train you in a gym 8 to 10 hours a day 5 days a week and even some Saturdays.

600 Hours in the Gym

We provide 600 hours of intensive classroom and practical application to get you in the best coding shape of your life.

Creating Apps Day One

Training means doing. You will be building and creating apps day one. This isn't just teaching you a craft it is also unlocking unlimited possibilities.

Super Talented Instructors

We've recruited and hired some of the best coders in the State, who know how to breakdown the complex and make it really really simple.

Dedicated Attention

Code Gym keeps the teachers on staff to provide you hands on instruction that will keep you learning fast.

Follow on Development

You are forever part of a community that is committed to your personal and professional development whether helping you build your craft or find a job.

EXTREME CODING Do you have what it takes?

Total committment

Code Gym will throw you in the ring for 10 rounds of eXtreme coding. This is full time, full speed. You will eat, sleep, and think code every day. We will push the power of your brain as far as you can go and then push you further. After 10 weeks your code base will be like steel.

The will to win

We look for highly motivated, hard working, and intelligent people. You give us the passion, initiative, and drive to win and we'll change your life. Learning to code is just the beginning of your future. If you are hungry to learn, ready to start, then take 3 minutes and apply.


Has everything to do with where you train and how you train...

Takes only 3 minutes to apply